Site doesn't load as expected on Firebase

the above is the uploaded site.I don’t know why it is coming like this,it is going on as infinite loop .
But when i typed the link in my phone’s browser it is showing up.So what is the problem here.

Tell me if i want to add any other information

Make sure you read through Requesting Help. It would help if you shared the source of your site. That might be the Google Drive link, but I doubt anyone is going to click that. The standard practice is to host it online in a git repo.

I don’t know what the issue you are having is, I didn’t see an “infinite loop”. But I did notice the paths to your stylesheets is missing a forward slash. A common issue with that is not setting your baseURL correctly. Make sure it has an ending slash:

baseurl = ""

What url should i give in the place of or should i keep the same by the way i don’t have a domain only hosted on firebase.So what should i di?

can you have a look in this theme one article image is not showing up on firebase but working on local server

For some reason you have two slashes in front of what I assume is the missing image.

 <img src="//img/golan.png" alt="" class="img-responsive">

Where are the image paths coming from and is there a typo somewhere?