Theme Basics

Thanks much to you guys that put all this together. It would be great to figure it all out before Friday, but that’s not going to happen. In lieu of a ‘Hugo for Dummies,’ the best way to get Hugo is probably to learn Go and read the source code, or libraries, or packages or whatever. Sadly, that’s not going to happen before Friday either.

So there are going to be some…hmmm, how to put this optimistically, foundational questions :sunglasses:

Thanks for the patience for you guys that read them, and thanks also to anyone who jots down an answer now and then.

How do themes work? Are the configstring, sourcestring, configDir, themeDir hard baked into an object when Hugo New Theme is called? Is that why you can’t just remove the theme folder?

Obviously that must be the case. So what’s the deal with the resources folder in the main directory and then in the theme directory?

Basically, how to overwrite theme resources from main resource directory?

I recommend you to read Theme Components Documentation and also this Directory Structure

Most of the answers are there.

the main resources in your project always win over the resources from themes.

Thanks. After working through the docs sequentially, I’ve changed my opinion on the english usage. They are well written. The problem for me was the styling. I ended up copy/paste everything to org-mode, which makes for a good read (with easy output for pdf reader) - this rather than cloning the docs and restyling the css.

While, I’m new to Hugo, I think the issue I posted about here is the same one you guys were discussing over here:


I’m not there yet, in terms of the docs - in that I don’t yet get the significance of modules or the mind-twist in the recent version - but if when I get to it the thread linked above doesn’t resolve the problem, I’ll come back to this post (or if appropriate that post).

This was fixed by setting the resourceDir in the config

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