[SOLVED] Not able to install theme/set it in config

I am very new to Hugo and have no programming or coding experience at all. I have downloaded Hugo and created my first site succesfully. Now I downloaded one of the available themes and copied the extracted folder into my themes folder and set the theme name in the config file. But when I run “hugo server” I am getting an error saying that the config file cannot be found and that I might need to create a theme?? I am not sure what’s going on. I have set the path to C:\Hugo\bin, and my site is at C:\Hugo\mysite.

Thanks for any help!

@lolli. I know you mentioned you are brand new to programming, but do you happen to have this source code hosted somewhere so that we can help you troubleshoot? Would you at least be able to give us an idea of your source organization or maybe copy and paste your config.toml? Thanks!

When you run hugo server, it should be from the folder where your config is located. So if you have a site at C:\Hugo\mysite, make sure you are in that folder when you run hugo server.

Ah now it works! So I first inserted cd c:\hug\mytheme and THEN hugo server! Thank you very much!! I noticed though that only the front page is working, when I click on any of the links on the front page I am getting a 404 error. Maybe that has to do with the theme, it’s the pixyll theme.

I hope it is okay if I post a lot more questions here, I would really love to use Hugo for some future projects as I am looking for a good WP alternative for portfolio and product landing pages. I am not sure I will be able to do this with hugo as I have no coding exerience though…

Definitely! Make sure to read Requesting Help and try to follow those directions. Hugo is under constant development, so there is a learning curve to grasp.

My suggestion (and how I started): read the docs. Every page. Twice.

Even if you don’t get it, it will show you the vocab and other Hugo-specific things.

It can certainly be done, but you are gonna have to work for it. There is nothing like “activating a plugin” in Hugo. :slight_smile: