[new to hugo] How to remove need for theme in themes directory

Hi there, I’m new to Hugo. I’m trying to understand how to remove the need to include a theme to make things work. I have a theme I like, but I just don’t want to nest my content in that theme’s directory, as hugo seems to be forcing me to do right now.

I’m using hugo-incorporated, which is specified in my config.yaml file. However, all my content now seems to have to go to themes/hugo-incorporated/content in order to be rendered on the index page. How can I get the assets of the theme without needing the themes directory? I tried setting theme to nothing after copying everything into the site directory, which caused hugo to throw a fit about missing templates (it was trying to find stuff in /themes/partials because I set theme to null).

For the most part, the documentation’s good - needs more connected examples though is what my first impression is.


It appears that I just needed to Ctrl-F for some more occurrences of old values. Solutions always appear after creating threads, it seems.