Theme almost ready .... BUT!

Things happen and sometimes one finds himself just walk away from things.

And this happened with theme I have been tinkering while got time. It’s based on Tale theme and it’s almost done, cannot remember what there was to do. probably some responsibility stuff and such tweaks. I’m not really good commenting nad leaving notes to myself :slight_smile:

I had a plan to pack it to theme once I’m ready, but now that I ditched this layout and made one that works even with NCSA Mosaic 1.0, I’m not going to do awful a lot with it. Not in near future anyway.

You find dummy site here:

If there is someone who want’s to spend some time and finish it it can be uploaded to themes collection or something. It would be sad to see all that time to go waste after all :slight_smile:

If there is someone interested, just comment and let’s sort this out!

Hey, nice work. Looks pretty decent.
I would love to help, let me know how can I help.


[quote=“codersarcUser1, post:2, topic:17713, full:true”]
Hey, nice work. Looks pretty decent.
I would love to help, let me know how can I help.[/quote]

EDIT: dont know what breaks the quote…

Thanks for you compliment!

I’m not really looking for help as such. Just thought that this would probably be something that someone might find usable and that’s why my initial idea was to make it proper working theme after I was done. Now that I abandoned this layout and made completely different one, my initial plan doesn’t work, since I’m not going to put effort in this one.

So, if you are interested to complete the theme or want to use it I’ll throw you the Hugo project and do your worst with it :slight_smile:

Haha sure.
What do you think is unique or different from the ones already available and this theme ? Can you also share a github/gitlab url so I can take a look at the code.

I’ll throw it to git tomorrow and send you the link. I’m not really using git you know.

I don’t know what do you really are looking for with the uniqueness and such. It’s based Tale theme and I modified it to this point.

EDIT: Oh if you happen to know nice neat way to convert that content from .md->txt->pdf->epub as is my intention … haven’t got that far yet and haven’t looked into this yet … so you can help after all :slight_smile:

Ok, I meant that how it is different from tale , or what are the big features that you have added or intended to add on top of tale theme.

Ummm… Mostly cosmetic changes. Better typography and things like that.

Tale was best minimalistic theme I found, so used it as a base. it’s hard to tell on top of my head what I have changed since I don’t really document my projects and I don’t feel the need to remember :slight_smile:

Compare tale and dummy site and you should be able to tell the differences … I’ll get back with the git so you can take a look at the code.

Yes. I did manage to do some git jig and it seems that all is there now. I’d rather not make it public at this point so who should I put as a collaborator?

I can send you my email address ?
Just curious why do you not want to make it public ?

Dunno, feels bad to make unfinished things public :slight_smile:

There you go … easier for everybody

And yes, that was my first git jig so if something is broken that’s not news…

EDIT: Also I have no idea at which state this thingie is, as I wrote earlier, I haven’t done anything for a long ti to this one and cannot remember what it still need and such… I’d need to go through it and check, but feel no urge to do so …

Hey bro, g00d job here, the colour theme you selected is the same as my company, I will test around with this theme over the next while, look forward to growing together. cheers!

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Thanks for your kind words!

As it happens I have always had things black/orange if there is a option :slight_smile: It’s always been something that felt good and didn’t hurt my eyes.

For example I have all my dart stems and flights some combination of black/orange as well as other thingies of any sort. But I’m not religious about it, like some people are. I do can wear something that isn’t black and orange for example. I know some people who cannot wear something if it’s not the right colour :slight_smile:

Good that you find it worth something and useful. But as said before, it’s unfinished and things need to be done that I cannot remember …

But just make it yours and everybody’s happy happu happy … or something.



black and orange you say eh…this might go well for branding on

fun fun fun

Hard to tell… but I trust your word on this one :slight_smile: