Theme site is up and running!

And finally it’s live:

There may be quirks, just register them as issues on the theme site’s repo – or better, a pull request with a fix:

This was a hell of a lot of work – “thousands” of pull requests to the theme authors – mostly done by @digitalcraftsman and myself – design by @alireza-ahmadi finished by @dplesca. And then the waiting game for busy @spf13 to deploy the site.

But It does look nice, and is a major improvement in the theme department.


Huge thanks to everyone who helped get this live. A big shout out to @bep
who did the lion share of the work as well as producing some of the most
beautiful bash scripting that I’ve ever seen. If you care to learn more
about bash, just checkout the script that builds this. It’s impressive.

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We should add a menu entry to main page.

Great stuff! The site has an empty title tag, however.

Amazing !! Good job

Congrats - a huge amount of work, for sure. Nice!

That looks great. Not only does it add to Hugo and its asthetics, but it also provides a great demo of Hugo with source code available. I think this will also encourage more themes and theme builders.