CSS files are not showing up after deploying site to GitHub pages

Hi there. I,ve got some problem about collaborating with github pages.
Everything seem’s working on localhost, but after i commited it, site looks like css is not exist. (i guess)

all files on github are here

Hello @outhead,

you have to put your assets like photos, JS and CSS files into the static folder, not into docs. If you have a stylesheet saved at static/css/styles.css you can access/link it on your site with example.com/css/styles.css.

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I think static/css/styles.css will generate at example.com/css/styles.css.

You’re absolutely right. I’ll fix that above - Thanks for the note

well I’ve copied all docs in static folder and nothing happened (still a noob)

Well, that’s odd. I’ve cloned your linked repo as it is. I’ve made nothing special to get your site running:

git clone https://github.com/outhead/portfolio1
cd portfolio1/themes
git clone https://github.com/digitalcraftsman/hugo-creative-theme
cd ..
mkdir content
hugo server

I think I solved it in the other thread: [SOLVED] Hugo watch view doesn't match the actual view

well yes, in local it’s still works ok)

Are you unable to deploy your local working version?