Ananke Them is rendering on my local machine , but as soon as i deploy using github pages, entire layout and css are messed up

I have been struggling with this for straight two days, everything is working fine on my local machine, as soon as i deploy the code to github pages, i am getting this layout

Sometimes i am getting this too:

Link to my repo:

please help me out with this , Thank you in Advance

now the page is like this!!

Here’s how it looks on my local machine

You are building your site with Jekyll, not with Hugo.


Follow these instructions:

I did this on another repo : GitHub - DhanushAnegondi/

i followed the same instructions given in the site. but the layout remains same. can you please look into this!

Thank You for responding

This the current layout

Use you browser’s dev tools, specifically the console, and check/fix the 404 errors.

For reference, I can stand up a new Ananke site on GitHub Pages in about 5 minutes.

Please , any reference is totally helpful! ,

getting this error, i have main.min.css in the directory

canonifyURLs = true


And here’s a clone of your site served from GitHub Pages.

Thank You so much it really worked for me ! i have removed canonifyURLs , now it’s working. thank you for taking out time to solve this.

@jmooring you have been so helpful!!!

My images are not rendered , is there anything that i should be changing

Which image isn’t rendered?

I fixed it , thank you!

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