Layouts not updated anymore

Hi, I’ve had this issue for two days.
css sheets are updated, bu not changes in layout/, I run with --ignoreCache but it doesn’t care. This is not the first time it happens and I never understood why it stopped before.
I thought the render-image.html for my home type was suddenly not seen but no, all render-image are ignored. What’s happening ?
As always, hugo extended last version.
It might or might not be related to the .Scratch.Get issue mentioned in the other post, but I am unsure.

Who knows. Impossible to even guess without seeing your codebase…


Hum 117Mo to download from Google, it is not easy to help you… Can you push your code in a Git repository?

Ah sorry I had not purged useless resources from the original (complete) repository.
Here it is, weightless.
Oh dammit ! it could reproduce ten minutes ago, now it doesn’t anymore. I hope it does not work in your case…
I can’t get the issue to repeat reliably. The issue is still in my real project, but not anymore in the sample, what a lack of luck…

I’m not going to download a zip (perhaps anyone want to do that), I can’t help you without a Git repository.

By the way you can try to build your website with hugo --cleanDestinationDir and look at the HTML files (with a text editor).


Also not downloading a random zip.

No matter. Like last time, it solved itself…