Template errors

ERROR: 2015/10/27 Error while rendering taxonomy terms for category: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Type on zero Value

I figured this was an error with my taxonomy template, but I cannot find any issues with it:


Any ideas what I’ve missed?

If I had to guess I would think it’s this line…

{{ if eq .Name $first_section }}

If $first_section or .Name are zero values it may cause this. This is
a total guess though.

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I found the issue: I thought it was in my taxonomy/category.html template, but I had an unused (and broken) _default/terms.html template that I was able to remove.

Relatedly, to debug this I added some TRACE debug code in renderThing to hugo locally and changed the default jww level to levelTrace, and was able then determine the actual failing template. I would recommend a small change to hugo:

  • Add a --verbose_level flag that takes a level name (‘debug’, ‘DEBUG’, ‘info’, ‘TRACE’, etc.)
  • Add some trace (or at least debug) logging around renderThing so that template errors can be more cleanly caught.