Questions about Taxonomies[(almost) solved]

Update: I (finally?) found out how easy it is to just download the Hugo source files for other projects and reverse engineer how things work based on that. So the “site/tags/” is just defined by a template that is literally called terms.html in _default within Layouts! … And I tried singular & plurar combinations of ’ taxonomie’ and ‘tag’ and/or the actual tag value for hours and none worked… So glad to get many examples of how to solve things through the source files of other sites!!! Really great that this is possible, many thanks!!! Wouter


My taxonomy pages are rendered based on the /layouts/_default/taxonomy.html template. But I also have /layouts/taxonomy/SINGULAR.html (e.g. /layouts/taxonomy/topic.html) defined and expect that this is used based on the documentation?

Also, the taxonomy overview page (e.g. ) is not rendered at all… (but the pages per taxonomy term are, e.g.

Also, on my single content page with taxonomies defined the first code example to display taxonomies does work but the second does not (as below).

Hopefully all of this points to 1 (simple) mistake that I have made / item I have missed…

Can you please advise? Many thanks in advance! Kind regards, Wouter

This gives a result:

    {{ range .Params.tags }}
  • {{ . }}

  • {{ end }}

This returns nothing:

    {{ range .Site.Taxonomies.tags }}
  • {{ .Name }}
  • {{ end }}

(both from