Can't render categories template

I have a website that combined other single pages with blog.
So here’s the URL overview of my site:


Regarding the content, under the contents folder, I’ve added with following:

categories: "Development"
title: 'How I developed the website with Hugo'

Now I expect the url will have /categories/development and I should be able to visit it.
However, whenever I try to visit that category page, it will appears 404.
I assume it’s the template rendering issue, the post itself is rendering fine.

I’ve tried adding either terms, category.html in categories or _default folder but they are not working.

Any advices please?

Okay, so it turns out that the theme I’ve downloaded have:

disableKinds = ["RSS", "taxonomy", "taxonomyTerm"]

That’s the reason why my /categories template won’t render.
Lesson learned. Now the template is rendering fine.