Taxonomy links with cyrilics symbols on Aerobatic hosting

It is my first Hugo based site and I use Aerobatic hosting to host/expose it. For menu and article names I use latinic URL, but it would be good to use words with cyrilics symbols for taxonomy.

Locally (Windows 7, Hugo server 0.17) it works well. But after build on Aerobatic hosting it doesn’t work at all. Latinic based tags work well. But words with cyrilics doesn’t work. It looks like the browser uses UTF-8 URLs, but anycase I have 404 page. So, it means, the Aerobatic uses some other directories coding (?). Is there a possibilities to config it someway?

Sorry, if the question looks stupid.

Hello and welcome. Would it be possible for you to provide some examples of what it’s doing? Also, could you show what the file names are, too? That would help tell if it’s something that Hugo is doing when it creates the page.

Yes, Sure.

I use latinic for all layout file’s name. There are no files with non-latinic symbols at all. Menu links, content file names are latinic only. And it works well.

But for categories and tags it also works well for latinic tags. But If I use cyrilic - the links don’t work.

To build taxonomy tags links I use trivial code:

    {{ range $name, $taxonomy := .Site.Taxonomies.tags }}
        <li><a href='{{ "/tags/" | relURL }}{{ $name | urlize }}'>{{ $name }} ({{ $taxonomy.Count }})</a></li>
    {{ end }}

As I understand it, the problem is FTP protocol. FTP can transfer files with Cyrillic names in binary mode, but can not send back a list of files from the server. As a result, files can be uploaded to the server, but you can not do synchronization.

Mikhail, Thank you for answers.

I read that message before wrote mine. It looks like it is not my case. I use Win 7 for development, but I don’t use it to build site by Hugo (in other words I don’t transfer my site by using FTP or something else). Instead of it I put the source code into the Bitbucket git repository and activate Aerobatic build manager. So the Aerobatic runs Hugo to build my site after I push my sources. Thus, the Aerobatic creates any directories with taxonomy information.

I think that it is necessary to contact the hosting support and ask if they have any FTP protocol is used?

Yes, I created ticket on Aerobatic Service Desk. So if they will be able to help I provide that information. And I put link to this discussion.

I got answer from Aerobatic Support. Shortly - it is Aerobatic limitation and you can’t use cyrillic in filenames (so for taxonomy also by default).

Currently Aerobatic can only handle ascii characters in filenames. We can look at handling cyrillic characters, but there are some more pressing features we are working on now. But I’ve added it to our feature backlog.

Possible, there is some trick/way to translate cyrillic -> latinic (display as cyrillic, but handle as latinic). I didn’t think about it yet.