Non-ASCII characters in taxonomy terms

Can anyone verify that Non-ASCII characters in the tags taxonomy do not resolve to an index page? I have a case where I have á in one of my terms. When I add this term to a post and use hugo server the term link resolves back to the same page as the term is on. Where as other terms on the same page resolve to the node or index page for that term i.e. I’m not sure if this is a theme issue (I’m using Academic {and reported there too}) or hugo issue. — i’m trying to track that down at the moment.
I am using Hugo 55.6 extended

Are you talking about something likeℵ/? If so, it works for me. I’m using a fork of the theme and maybe the layout file will be helpful to you.

Do you know what code in your layout file is having the problem?

uses | urlize so I suspect that small saltillo doesn’t work.