Hugo (Windows 7) generates folders in UTF-16

Hugo (Windows 7) generates folders in UTF-16, which is not supported by FTP. If non-Latin characters used in taxonomy, then there are folders with non-Latin names that Windows encoding in UTF-16. The paradox is that the generated Hugo site works well on the internal server, but the “public” folder is not possible to upload to the server if it contains Russian letters.

As I understand it, the problem is that Windows stores filenames in UTF-16 and Linux on the server uses UTF-8.

I checked several FTP clients, but no one is able to do transcoding UTF-16 =>UTF-8 on the fly. (WinSCP, FileZilla, Far Manager).

A full solution to the problem could be a transliteration module which eliminates the non-Latin characters in folder names. But I think that more simple, temporary solution could be generating site in the archives “”, in which the folder names are encoded UTF-8. It would be possible to upload this file to the server and decompress it there.

The simplest solution was to use the built-in FTP client windows.