Incorrect taxonomy url if tag is unicode name


I’m building website using Hugo, but main lang of this site is Vietnamese . I got error where taxonomy url got generated wrongly. For example if i have following tag in my content file:

tags: [“Cơ bản”]

In post content html file, it’s generated as “http://siteurl/tags/Cơ bản”, but on disk, it has folder path “tags/cơ-bản/”

My “config.toml” has no special config, it’s almost default.

Any chance to get it correctly?


Hi there,

I just found way to quick fix by using urlize function in theme layout file:

                                            {{ range .Params.tags }}
                                            <a href="/tags/{{.|urlize}}">{{ . }}</a>
                                            {{ end }} 

Is correct way to do that?