Tags, recents posts and featured posts not updated online server


I have problem about posts ( not updated ) with tags , featured, recents posts . Everything worked before after that i have this issue. There is no problem on local but when i deploy my website online the posts not updated as explained before

I use version 0.120.3 of hugo

Please Help

Please post a link to your repo and site. Without that we can just guess wildly.

my website : https://nedjma.org/

and your repo?

I cannot share the entire site on the repository, however I noticed that this problem appeared when summer time was adjusted (i.e. from March 31)

I don’t know if that’s the problem or not!

Without the code we can not see what the issue is an help you.

Can you recreate the issue in a test repo?

The issue is in homepage ( recent posts )

Can i share only index.html ?

When i deploy on netlify it works, but i use my own server…( i use hugo command to deploy )
This is my repository : GitHub - NedjmaOrg/nedjma-v-7
Please help !

Your baseURL makes no sense. You should set it to the correct value. There are lots of posts about this issue here, so you’ll certainly find more detailed explanations.

This ( baseURL ) did not correct the problem !

Set baseURL to the proper value:

baseURL = "https://nedjma.org/"

P.S. Where did the baseURL = '/' come from? I see quite a few people on this forum using that, with endless problems. Is there some guide or themes that promotes this bad practive?

I’ve seen this in a few themes, and should log an issue against the theme whenever I see it, but that’s a bit of a rat hole. Because then I want to log an issue whenever I see:

  • Menu entries that specify url instead of pageRef for internal links
  • Fragile printf constructs instead of .Page.GetTerms
  • The .Site.BaseURL method used anywhere
  • Hardcoded URLs for assets without passing them through relURL and friends
  • Themes that will never work when serving sites from subdirectories
  • Site configuration files that are littered with Hugo’s default settings
  • Site configuration files that enable canonifyURLs or relativeURLs
  • Yuck
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Just a note, the problem comes from the cache of the advertising platform I use and not from Hugo’s configuration…

Thank you for your help

One theme at a time…