News posts not showing up in index.html

Hoping someone here can explain this issue to me… I’m using Hugo to run my blog.
Thing is, it doesn’t show my latest post on the main page (index.html). Had a rummage and the post has been uploaded to the server, but if I check index.html manually it simply does not have the latest post in it.

Had a search on the forum and I can confirm:

  • the file has the correct .md extension.
  • there are no obvious errors when building the site (well… there is one about a trailing space or ‘.’ but it hasn’t been an issue before…).
  • have posted multiple posts without issue so far.
  • have successfully updated the site with a new posts before from my current setup.

It happened once before… then I made a second post, which somehow made HUGO update index.html with both the old post that did not show, and the new post that did…

Hugo version v0.68.3/extended linux/arm64 BuildDate: 2020-03-25T06:15:45Z
Using the Diary theme.

Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: when I run ‘hugo server’ it does not show the post, but when I run ‘hugo server -D’ it does… which makes no sense as there is no “draft: true” in the post front matter anymore… and it did upload the post to the site, just not update the index page…

check the markdown files / look at frontmatter

date - publish after
expirydate - publish not after
draft =true - normaly not published

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Thank you!
Seems I had an issue with the “date” field. It was set to tomorrow… :smiley:

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