Having issues getting posts to appear

Hello, I am relativity new to hugo and am having some issues getting my posts to appear. I tried removing the :draft tag and it didn’t help either. Here is my github link: https://github.com/Lastcraft484/firebaseblog/

Any help is appreciated.

I am running the server locally and using: hugo server -D

The theme seems outdated. It’s using .Site.Pages instead .Site.RegularPages. I also had to remove the {{ if eq .Type "post" }} (post/single page detection?) from index.html and _default/list.html, so I could see the posts.

And it also seems you forgot to add the file extension .md to your content files.

thanks for your help it worked!

what should I do to fix this:

the 2nd title doesnt have font and is out of line

Ah I figured it out, I needed to have type:post