Problems with tags not rendering and tags path returning 404

I’m using this hugo tailwind setup.
here’s my repo


  • Tags won’t render via .Site.Taxonomies.tags
  • Tags will render via .Params.tags
  • Clicking on the tags rendered via .Params.tags results in a 404 page not found

I expect /tags/[tag_name] to result in rendering a page based on my list.html like what was mentioned in this video on hugo taxonomies: Taxonomies | Hugo - Static Site Generator | Tutorial 10

I also tried to render the entire taxonomy data structure as a nested unordered list based on docs, but resulted in no tags being rendered

I had another setup where the tags path and range worked, but it’s not longer working with this setup and cant’ figure out why. TIA

So that we don’t have to dig through your repository, which template(s) contain the non-functioning code?

Also, this is a bit of a problem:

how did I not catch that… that resolved it hahahah thank you!

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