Tag and category items doesn't show up in different language url

Hello there, I have a site on making, let’s call it example.com. I added another language let’s call it french. So my french site url is example.com/fr everything works fine and dandy I can see the categories and tags list. However, they are completely empty. Nothing I create gets there I tried to change their names in config.toml, for example:

category = "categories"
tag = "tags"

cat = "cat"
tag = "tag"

I of course tried it with not changing their names too (the left side). The reason I changed them is that I don’t want to see French categories on the English site and vice versa. But that problem aside I can not see anything under those taxonomies.

Without seeing the source for your site I would just be guessing.

Here’s an example of a multilingual site with language-specific taxonomies:

git clone --single-branch -b hugo-forum-topic-40936 https://github.com/jmooring/hugo-testing hugo-forum-topic-40936
cd hugo-forum-topic-40936
hugo server

Sorry for the latency, my source code is almost 1:1 replica of this theme: Hugo.386 | Hugo Themes
I only added a few things like a language switch. I am now examining the code you gave me, thank you.

Fixed it, here is the solution:
go to yoursite/layouts/partials/ (or yoursite/themes/yourtheme/layouts/partials/) enter categories.html copy all of the text there and paste it under itself. Then change the word “categories” text after the “taxonomyTerm” text to your own language. Do the same for tags. If you named them the same words in your config.yml everything should work.

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