Strange behavior with Hugo's snap package on Debian bookworm

Hello, I’m in the process of migrating my website to Hugo, but I’m experiencing strange behavior when using hugo serve. I’m using the snap package (v0.122.0) on a Debian Bookworm machine.

It seems that the server won’t send the HTML files of most content pages. However, taxonomy pages work fine. CSS loads fine. The livereload.js script is also not sent by the server. Checking with wget, I see that only 512 bytes are sent for the failing HTML files. In the case of the script, there’s no HTTP response at all.

The same Hugo site works perfectly with v0.113.0 on a Lubuntu 23.10 machine.

Please provide a link to your repo, then we do not need to guess what the problem is.

Sorry, here’s the repo. I’ve tested a little bit and found that pages larger than 762 bytes aren’t being sent by the server.

On macOS with hugo v0.122.0 the above repo works without issues.

All the pages and the term page builds as expected.

My guess would be some issue with the setup on the Debian mashine.

I am unable to reproduce the problem using your repository on a virgin Debian bookwork system with a fresh installation of the Snap package (Hugo v0.122.0).

Distributor ID:	Debian
Description:	Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)
Release:	12
Codename:	bookworm

hugo v0.122.0-b9a03bd59d5f71a529acb3e33f995e0ef332b3aa+extended linux/amd64 BuildDate=2024-01-26T15:54:24Z VendorInfo=snap:0.122.0

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