LiveReload only works on the homepage

LiveReload works perfectly for my homepage. However, for other pages I have to reload the browser manually. I checked and found that the JavaScript is only being injected into the homepage. Given that this is supposed to work automatically, without any configuration, what could be wrong here?

What OS are you running (Windows?) and what Hugo version?

OS X Yosemite, and I just built the most recent commit: Hugo Static Site Generator v0.14-DEV BuildDate: 2015-04-01T09:47:28-04:00. The Change detected, rebuilding site stuff is working fine, it’s just that the browser isn’t reloading because it didn’t inject the JS (except for the homepage).

Hmm … it works perfectly for me (on Linux). I know there were some path issues on Windows that was fixed, but I haven’t heard of any OSX troubles.

Looking at the livereload code my best guess is you have an incomplete layout template for the single page. Missing end body tag?


You’re right — I had <body> instead of </body>. Thanks!

I had the same issue - the theme that the tutorials use, hugo_theme_robust has a malformed footer.html partial. Easy fix, but irksome as that’s probably the theme everyone starts with.