Live Server shows only edited content

Hi there.

I am firm with HTML, CSS and have a basic understanding of hosting stuff.

I searched the forum for my particular problem but did not find that symptoms I have with Hugo.

The situation is this:
I have the hugo server running and edit my content pages. In the browser I see how my pages appear as I edit them in the menu and of course I can also click on the links in the menu and see my pages.
But when I close the server and start it again all my pages are gone. Just the main site. When I type in the address manually I get a 404.
Of course when I type hugo in the console I get just the index page with no content pages at all.

I feel dumb and most often I avoid asking in communities nooby stuff. My problem is that I cannot troubleshoot further. I just have no clue what to do.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

It’s hard to understand the problem. Share link to your repo to see.

Sorry, there is no repo.
So far I realized that it has to do with the naming of the files. When there is a under /content/ the symptoms appear. I know put every content page in a separate folder and renamed it The live server then shows an “empty” starting page but at least the menu of the website works and the different pages load/exist.

Search form as think it may be issue with and as both files serving different purpose.

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