I have to run hugo serve everything I change a .html file

Hi people,

First of all want to say that I love hugo!

My livereload is not working as I expect.
It is working when I change .md files in the content section.
However it is not working when I change content of this f.e. summary.html

Only when I restart hugo serve the change shows.

What am I doing wrong? I thought it worked before…

Thanks in advance!

Well played!

I assume summary.html is a view that you use via .Render? I don’t see how that should not work. Do you see anything in the log when you change this file?

@regis you use .Render a lot, any input?

I do, and never found any problem, yet after reading this thread I tested it on a project of mine and I must concur with @eele. Upon editing that template file, server livereload but does not re-render that piece of content loaded through Render.

It does if I leave the page and come back to it though.

I tested on .54 and .55.5

OK, that sounds like a bug. We did improve .Render (vs output formats) in 0.55 – and it may have had a side effect:

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I cannot reproduce this locally, but let’s continue this discussion here:

I reproduced the bug and left a reaction on github;)

Thanks, so this one can be closed here.