SOLVED: Where does the template for rending tags/index.html belong?

I’m trying to create a template to render a top-level summary of my tags but can’t figure out the place to put it. The docs say: There are four common ways you can display the data in your taxonomies in addition to the automatic taxonomy pages created by hugo using the list templates.

The page that I’m trying to render is localhost:1313/tags. I haven’t found the place to put my template, so it renders as localhost:1313/tags/index.html and contains the automatically generated values:

<a href="interpreter/">interpreter/</a>
<a href="lexer/">lexer/</a>
<a href="parser/">parser/</a>
<a href="scanner/">scanner/</a>

The docs on Taxonomy Templates say:

There are two different templates that the use of taxonomies will require you to provide.

Both templates are covered in detail in the templates section.

A list template is any template that will be used to render multiple pieces of content in a single html page. This template will be used to generate all the automatically created taxonomy pages.

A taxonomy terms template is a template used to generate the list of terms for a given template.

I’ve tried section/tags.html, section/tag.html, tags/list.html, _default/list.html, all with no success. taxonomy/tag.html is great for the individual tags pages that I’m creating, but it seems to have no bearing on the top level localhost:1313/tags/index.html file.

I’m sure that the answer will be obvious when I see it.

In my template, I use _default/terms.html for generating tags index page. According to the hugo code, it seems to try to use taxonomy/tag.terms.html, _default/terms.html and index/indexes.html for rendering the index page.

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@tatsushid, you rock! taxonomy/tag.terms.html does what I need. Thanks!