SOLVED Taxononomy?

I’m building a public version of my site for the first time on Github Pages.

When I do, I get this single error message from a misconfigured page, and then it quits.

Building the same site under “hugo server” generates a whole slew of errors (all known issues; I imported a bunch of data imperfectly) but at least it runs to completion. Did I miss a setting about “continue even when you find errors” ?

ERROR: 2015/07/16 Error while rendering taxononomy city: template: theme/_default/list.html:6:20: executing "theme/_default/list.html" at <.Params.categories>: range can't iterate over power-outages

Also, “taxononomy” is puzzling; I think it’s a typo and I submitted a pull request for it,

  1. taxononomy is an obvious typo
  2. hugo is more fault tolerant in server watch mode – the motivation being that it should survive temporary typing mistakes.