Netlify build fails with taxonomy error

I’m trying to build a test site on netlify and am getting the following error:

9:45:06 PM: Error: Error building site: failed to render pages: render of "taxonomyTerm" failed: "/opt/build/repo/layouts/_default/terms.html:10:29": execute of template failed: template: _default/terms.html:10:29: executing "main" at <.Page.Permalink>: can't evaluate field Page in type hugolib.OrderedTaxonomyEntry

I know that Taxonomy has something to do with classification. but I’m really out of my depth here.

I’ve checked layouts/_default/terms.html for anything obvious, but I don’t see a thing.
The site is posted on Gitlab and uses the hugo-future-imperfect-slim theme.

My build settings are:

### [Build settings](


Base directory
Not set

Build command
CI=' ' hugo -v

Publish directory

Deploy log visibility
Logs are public


I should add the the CI=' ' prefix is a test. I’ve tried it both with and without, to the same effect.

I would be very grateful for any assistance.

Edit: I see on the release page (which the site won’t let me link to because I’m a new user) that build 73.0 addresses updates to the terms used for the taxonomy page kinds. I wonder if this may be relevant.

Thank you,

In an effort to further troubleshoot this, I tried a new deploy with just the example site data. I did nothing to the hugo site files except install the theme, copy the example site files and init git, etc.

I did indeed get the exact same error. This is disappointing, but at least I know it was nothing I did!