Taxonomy Rename getting error

Recently, I updated Hugo to version 0.124.1. In this version, taxonomyTerm has been changed to taxonomy . I have updated this in my config.yaml , but I’m encountering an error when I run the server. I have attached a screenshot of the error for reference.


changes on config

The error is telling you what to do to resolve your issue. Add the ignoreErrors code to your config.

Thats okey @Arif ,but why does this error appear, and why do I need to add an extra variable to my config file? If this isn’t an error, could it be shown as a warning message instead of an error?

It’s an error cause your config file does not follow Taxonomies | Hugo

Intoduced with 0.73 stated in the message.

The key is “what most users want” so the special ones may, with accepting the impact, ignore the error as stated in the message

To clarify, the configuration as shown should not throw an error, and I am unable to reproduce the problem with v0.124.1. Try it:

git clone --single-branch -b hugo-forum-topic-49717 hugo-forum-topic-49717
cd hugo-forum-topic-49717
hugo server

You stated that you upgraded to v0.124.1, but I suspect you’re building your site with v0.111.3 or earlier.

Agreed! I remember removing the same error configuration a while back from my config.

Again, to clarify, this is not necessary with v0.112.0 and later.

To clarify further, the configuration as shown does not throw an error with v0.112.0 or later.

Whatever you had to do to your configuration was a long time ago.