GitHub page deploy bug with typo theme

I would like to deploy my Hugo website thru GitHub page but when I’m trying to do I’ve this error :

I tried different thing but since I do not understand completely the gihb workflow toml file im stuck (this is my first time using Hugo)

i assume we need to reinstall the theme again does that mean the modificaton i’ve did on the theme will not be there ? for example i edit the colors for my custom colors it will no be there ?

Just a guess but maybe it’s just a typo with your theme name.

I suppose you develop on windows. So your theme name is case insensitive.

Your build runs on ubuntu which respects case

Try to change it to lowercase in hugo.toml

theme = 'typo'

And yes, you will have to handle your changes if any in the theme folder separately. Usually a theme provides a better way to customize stuff without editing inside the theme