[SOLVED] Hugrid create new grid page

Using Hugo theme https://themes.gohugo.io/hugrid/

how can you create multiple grid pages ?

Where items.toml is the directory grid in data folder , how is it possible to have more than one?

Did you ask the theme author?

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No I didn’t because I thought to read documentation on Hugo directory structure instead because it puzzles me that this theme avoids the content directory altogether and instead utilises the data directory.

I am trying to work out how the structure works in this case in order to make a new grid page myself.
The grid exists as an items.toml file only in root/data so I have no clear understanding of how that

Looks like it’s using this structure to put the data on the top page:

Just copy the file in data, to say “items2.toml”, then use a similar structure to the above, somewhere.

 {{ range $.Site.Data.items2.items }}

The relevant bit of the docs is:


WOW Thanks very much!!!

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