Generate multiple html files based on json data file

I’ve read the docs and watched some videos, but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Let’s say I’ve got json like this

  "BMW" : [
    "335":[ {"0toSixty": 2,3},{"quarterMile": 4,5}
    "345":[ {"0toSixty": 1,3},{"quarterMile": 4,5}
  "AUDI" : [
    "A1":[ {"0toSixty": 3,3},{"quarterMile": 1232,5},
    "A567":[ {"0toSixty": 3,3},{"quarterMile": 1232,5}]

I’d like Hugo to create mulitiple html files like below

...and so on and on

This is simplified. I know how to do layouts and templates, but creating multiple files is my problem.

Any thoughts?

Currently you cannot generate a page from data. See:

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Many thanks. That “solves” the problem :wink:

Have a look at Eleventy (11ty) pagination:

You could use 11ty to create Hugo .md files :wink:


I’ll have a look, taa.

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