Hugrid - using /content instead of data/items.toml

Ok - first things first - I’m totally newbie here. I’m doing something dangerous in that I’m tinkering and only spending half an hour looking at the docs…

I’m liking the hugrid theme. Looking at it though it uses the data/items.toml file and loops through items like…

{ range $.Site.Data.items.items }}
{{ end }}

How would I modify this to loop through the contents of a directory in content e.g. content/items/ ??

I was guessing something like:

{{ range .Data.Pages }}

But then how does it identify the images and urls seen in the original hugrid - items.toml example? Do I need to write those as variables in the content/items/ ??

Thanks - and apologies about this post. I realise I am being stupid but can’t figure it out!

What you want to do needs more than that.

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fair comment… !