Help on creating html files from data


Hi, I’m pretty new to Hugo but I like it so far. Hello to everyone!
I am reading documentation but can’t figure out how to do this:
I have list of data in datafile (can be json or yaml), for example list of products or list of users.
I would like to create page for product listing (one template) and with click on product I want to open product details page (based on another template). So if I have lot of products (thousands) and this data is also changing all the time, I would like to create listing and detail pages from those two templates quickly. Can somebody give me hint how to do this in Hugo? Or maybe some existing example somewhere… Thanks in advance for any hint!


Not currently possible from Hugo alone.


Thanks for reply! Is there any plan to have such functionality in Hugo in future maybe?


Yes. It is pretty high on my TODO list.


Thanks, I’ll keep my eye on Hugo :slight_smile:
All the best.


Glad to hear about it, and thanks a lot for all your hard works. Such functionality in Hugo will be really COOL.


I’m working on project where my data is stored in json. Currently, I’m programming console application (in .NET) that will output md files for detail pages. My listing pages are generated by Hugo. My md files are organized in sub-sections, so with Hugo I’m able to list them all out.

I will share something soon as I’m still wokring on it.

Creating Files from Data (like Product pages)

Were there any breakthroughs on this? Would love to have this implemented!