[SOLVED]How do I turn off devtools responsiveness?

When I use Chrome devtools to test some CSS adjustments, get things looking just right, and then I close the devtools panel (horizontal) suddenly the site stretches back downward, meaning it wasn’t showing me the actual desktop view of the site to begin with.

I’ve been using devtools for years now, and I don’t remember ever having this problem before. Is this new? How can I use devtools while seeing an accurate representation of the height of various elements?

[UPDATE: can’t reopen this mod-closed thread so updating here in the original post. Basically you have to ‘unpin’ the dev tools panel so it’s a separate floating window. Not as convenient, but there it is.

I will say that I feel like this could have easily, quickly been answered by another user, and as it was in the ‘uncategorized’ category I don’t think it would have in any way polluted the forum or caused a runaway reaction whereby users filled the forum with misc. crap. Obviously that is how the mods want things to go here, but I’m a little disappointed to find such a ‘tight ship’ mentality. I belong to many Discourse forums, most of which are full of helpful people that foster a spirit of and sense of true ‘community’ in the users. I wish there were such a place for Hugo users, although I haven’t found this place yet.]

Not sure this is related to hugo. Seems a pure HTML/CSS concern.

Agreed. This is off topic. You’ll have better luck posting your question to https://stackoverflow.com/ or a similar service. Closing this thread.