Need help in getting "page" heights to the right size

Hi there,

I just got help to setup a small hugo page and it kind of looks amazing (Github: GitHub - bachmannworks/web), BUT the sections on the main homepage seem to have a hardcoded “height” instead of aligning to the content. Don’t know if that is understandable - maybe that screenshot helps:

Any idea on how to change that? What can I do to fix that?

The content isn’t fixed yet, please dont comment on that :slight_smile:

What theme do you use? It’s typically their “fault” or within their setup to fix this.

Actually I do not know. I’ve absolutely no clue about that- Someone on fiverr did that for me :-/

The problem resides in your CSS not Hugo. The best bet is to call them back and get it fixed the way you want it.

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