Site page not populating and icon not showing

My hugo site has two oddities that I can’t figure out by myself

  1. The icons in the top menu are not loading on the test site, but on localhost they are showing
  2. The two subpages from top menu under “Lakiasiat” ie Liiton säännöt and Tietosuoja are not giving a 404 but still they are not populating with content.

What am I missing, please advice.

My repo is available at GitHub - sakumatto/kehitysliitto: Valo ry site on Hugo (themes/hugo-curious)
The site is viewable at so the two pages not populating are

Help greatly appreciated!

The icons sources point to an /icons/ directory under the root of the domain.

As per your repo /content/lakiasat/ is a leaf bundle because it contains an therefore the children pages are its Page Resources.

If you want to output the children as individual pages then you need to convert /content/lakiasat/ into a branch bundle by renaming to

Also see the documentation about Page Bundles.

Thanks @alexandros → I changed the to → recompiled
but still the doesn’t show the content of nor does

Should I place the files in the subdirectories on the /lakiasiat/ level instead of them being in their own subdirectory?

Thanks abunch for your guidance!

Nested sections do not work at the third level as far as I know.

Try placing the leaf bundles directly under the /lakiasiat/ Section (branch bundle).

Thanks , I did just that and now the pages are showing up as should.

Again a lesson taught. I’m terrible thankfull for you kind and prompt help!


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