Simplest HUGO site

I want to simply create a HUGO site but with no theme exactly. That way I can create a header and footer and home page myself. It’ll be more of a pain I am sure but I usually just want to change the pictures and styles on the theme I use. I kind of want to tackle each part as I go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, ahead of time,
Brian Cooper

This command may look a little strange…

hugo new theme mysite --themesDir .

…but it creates a minimally-opinionated site skeleton.


Excellent, I don’t have enough time to play with it tonight but will try it tomorrow. After creating the new site I should be able to make posts and such as described in the quick start guide?


Thank you.

If you changed your mind and prefer using a styleless theme, consider no-style-please.

After i try the first suggestion i will give that one a try as well. Thanks for the suggestion.

I started the new site using ThemesDir . and it is pretty much what I was looking for but it doesn’t work right off as if you have a theme with all the html and config.toml files. Those need to be configured first before you can post and build the site. It is a shell and I believe I can start going through the DOCs and adding what is needed to get it going. Thanks again.

Then you are doing something very, very wrong.

Can this be added to hugo new site command? I tried it with site and I was wondering why it kept failing. Turns out it is theme instead.

They do two very different things.