Any documentation how to create a custom blog template?

I am planning to create blog on my site Codiva Online Java Compiler and IDE. I am evaluating Jekyll vs Hugo, and so far Hugo seems to be a better option, except for some documentation, probably because it is new.

I want my blog to match the same theme as my website. Is there a good documentation on how to create the layout and theme?


I hope you find the tool best for you. Hugo is newer than Jekyll, but this project has still been around since 2013. Please don’t diss our docs, they are open to anyone and we like them.

Please see the theme docs.

Edit: check the categories for the forums and read their descriptions. I’ll ping a moderator to move this to #support.

Thank you.

I went through the link you pointed out multiple times. (Even before I posted this question and multiple times again.)

After running the command
hugo new theme [name]

There is no instruction what is the next step. From what I tried, this actually creates an empty directory structure, and empty files. I created a new post, set the new theme name in the config.toml, started the hugo server. The page shows up empty.

Then what?

There are three links on that post. Two for archetypes, and one for Hugo themes showcase. Other than these, there are the side navigation and read more link.

What do you think should be the next step?

I understand you are an expert with Hugo. Please don’t get offended when I said there is not sufficient documentation. As a beginner trying it out, the link you pointed out is absolutely less useful.

If you can help, please point out the exact next step to follow after running the create new theme command.

Perhaps you should examine a working theme you like and see how it is done, then do your own based on how you built your site in the first place. A theme is just a mechanism to deliver a set of templates and the “look” of a site, and, you don’t have to use one. If you look at the structure of a theme’s folders/files, you can see it is mimic’ed in the project folder.

That seems to be the last option. Is this the conclusion, that the documentation will not improve?

I looked at a number of themes. They don’t fit my taste. I just want at least a super basic theme to start with. I looked at a few, even the basic ananke theme is not properly responsive. (On mobile, the footer is only partially visible).

Technically, I should be able to do without creating a theme. But then there should be some documentation on the layout.

After going, round and round on the docs, I assume home page template should be updated. I tried copy pasting the exact code on that page, to layouts/index.html

But the page still shows up empty. view-source shows absolutely zero content.

Do you think Hugo documentation will improve or should I assume this is the best documentation Hugo can have?

Is there a way to use Hugo without an existing theme at all. If so is there a basic documentation to get started?

Now, I am going through this page

On high level, this seems to explain things clearly. I will post more questions if I have one.

When I started working with Hugo there was a learning curve for me and it took a while. Now the docs are greatly improved. If the docs don’t have what you need after you read through & study them, your contributions to improving them are welcome.

Thanks. The other post Creating a minimal working template makes it really easy to understand how hugo works. I am able to create a working blog, I will probably release it in a couple of weeks.
I will try to write down the notes, over christmas holidays.