How can I make an Hugo theme?

Hey guys!

I’d like to make an Hugo theme! But, how do I make one?



That’s a very broad question.

  1. What is your website’s niche?
  2. What is your content structure?
  3. Do you intend to share the theme across websites (as a module)?
  4. Do you intend to have a multilingual theme/site?
  5. What (external) features do you need to integrate? (e.g. Javascript, CSS Framework, Post Processing, etc).
  6. Plus many others…

There is no simple answer to this question. You need to at least grasp the basics of Hugo to make your own theme, by reading the documentation. A good place to start is trying the command below:

hugo new site test
cd test
hugo new theme test-theme
echo 'theme = "test-theme"' >> config.toml
hugo server

Then check the structure of the test theme created by Hugo and begin adding your own templates/edits from there. Also, you can borrow inspiration from Hugo themes site (I am currently making my own theme and the themes site has been invaluable)

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