Created a Theme - Next Steps?

Hello Hugo gurus,

I’m hoping you can assist me with some “next steps”. I’ve created a new site locally. Withing that site, I built a theme (using the ‘hugo new theme [name’ line command). But now I’m stuck. When I run the site locally, no content is shown my index page, even though I have an “” file in the “content” folder.

Also, I’m not clear on how to start actually building a template. I looked this over:

but I think I got a little lost since I’m MAC illiterate, and this :

but didn’t know where to go (or what to do) next.

If anyone could point me in the correct direction, I’d be greatly appreciative.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Ken Dillard

Create a different site, and follow the quick start guide. That will go over all the basics of using a theme and adding content, so when you grok those you will know what the next steps are for you. :slight_smile:

@KennethDillard You’ll need to learn templating before beginning any kind of theme development. Your best bet is to start at the beginning of the templating section of the docs and move along according to the page order, which was chosen according to a specific order for beginners. Here’s the introduction:

This will teach the you the basic concepts of how templating works with Hugo. Then you can move onto the next page for the lookup order, which is crucial to the mental model of how Hugo builds your site.

Good luck! :smile: