Should we internalise proprietary software products?

Disqus is forcefully adding advertisements on all websites, these ads don’t appear
at first but after your site starts get good traffic.

See this image is from one of my sites and they added these embarrassing and misleading advertisements to my website without asking for my permission :frowning:

These ads were not there when I first installed Disqus but started appearing when my site started to get good traffic.

I find this very misleading and manipulative.

I went to settings to disable ads but then I discovered that ads can’t be disabled without upgrading your account.

Disqus Delivers Low-Quality Ads

Disqus has struggled to land on an effective advertising model that will convince users to get on board. Its Reveal advertising program is notorious for serving low-quality ads and has inspired little confidence in users who have tried it.

These ads pay nothing and they are forcing it on publishers.

Twitter is filled with complaints from users who are dissatisfied with the questionable quality of Disqus’ advertising. Many are searching for alternatives.

Why I used Disqus in first place?

The only reason I was using disqus was because it was easy to integrate into hugo, installation was easy,

See this guide for example:

Adding Disqus comments is just adding 1 line of code to config file!

My question is

  • Why proprietary products such as Disqus, google analytics are internalised and easy to use?
  • If Disqus is internalised then why other proprietary products such as Facebook comments, Google plus comments and other proprietary stuff is not internalised as well?
  • Why hugo supports Disqus comments out off the box but not it’s alternatives?

My opinion

Also we should not document how to implement proprietary software such as Disqus comments in official documentation instead hugo should maintain a neutral opinion about all proprietary systems and provide documentation for tools that can help them implement whatever they want to implement on their own

Internalising proprietary stuff is against the spirit of open source software, hugo should not internalise Disqus, Google analytics and it’s alternatives, instead it should provide a guide on how they can implement their favourite proprietary functionality using the tools provided by hugo.

Articles that voice same opinion:

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Hugo ships with an internal Disqus template, but this isn’t the only commenting system that will work with your new Hugo website.

This sounds very bad to me.

You are asking questions about decisions that were made years ago by people who may not be involved with this project anymore.

If you want my sincere opinion don’t use any of these services.

One has to activate the internal templates otherwise they do nothing.

So basically you want to remove the Documentation of the Internal Templates.

Ok. Then do open a GitHub issue on the Hugo Docs repo to get an appropriate response by those who maintain it.

But I am closing this thread here because your tone is a bit combative.

There was another Disqus thread a while back with over 100 replies that went pretty OT.

This topic seems like an invitation to OT discussion and I am done moderating this sort of thing. This forum is only for Hugo not generic arguments about the spirit of open source that invite flame wars.


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I notice this discussion is now also on the Gitter channel, so closing this one.

To be clear: We are not removing the current set of “proprietery software”. It is opt-ins (you need to actively enable and add templates for them), so everyone must make their own mind about what they want to include.