Disqus support in themes vs Hugo direct

Very new to Hugo (2 days) and am working my way through the docs. I’m curious though, I’ve tried out a couple of themes, specifically poopshow and greyshade. I require Disqus comments on my site and had it working using the poopshow theme easily. The greyshade theme includes disqus support, but it doesn’t seem to work. The Comment section appears in a post, but the usual disqus functionality isn’t there. There’s no way to comment.

So I guess my question is, should I remove the themes Disqus support and just use the Hugo Disqus support?

It’s very possible I just don’t understand this completely yet as well, so I apologize if this question is stupid.


If you like the greyshade theme, the best for all parties would be if you could fix the Disqus implementation in that theme, and create a pull request. Then the next user of that theme will get an easier path to success.

The theme author fixed it today, woohoo.