Put the Page Bundles and other Hugo v0.32 features in the searchable doc site

Thanks for this wonderful New Year’s release. I can’t wait to try out the bundles and image processing once I get to my computer.

I have found the documentation for the new features at https://gohugo.io/about/new-in-032/ and I have also read the note in there about:

This documentation belongs in other places in this documentation site, but is put here first … to get something up and running fast.

I am probably wrong as I’ve been cursorily following the development of v0.32 for the past 2 weeks as I am traveling, but I thought that note was put before the v0.32 release was cut.

I am unable to search for the new features (using “bundles”, “image processing”, etc) on the doc site.

So just pinging here to request moving that new documentation to the doc site in the next minor release.

I spent a considerable amount of time during my Christmas holiday to get this version ready and released. The documentation suffered a little, but I guess it was better than nothing.

So, we know we need to improve on this. We will eventually do. No need to create a dicsussion thread as a reminder. It will not be done any faster.

Apologies. I didn’t mean to water down the tremendous effort you put in in bringing out this release, while sacrificing your holiday time.

Feel free to delete this thread.

But you are right about the search. This should do it for now:

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