Section/Tags/Terms list in multilingual site


I’m building a multilingual site using defaults parameters.
I’m working from a template.

In the FAQ section, using the following parameters for the menu set in config.toml:

defaultContentLanguage = “fr”
identifier = “faq”
name = “faq”
title = “Foire aux questions”
url = “faq”

identifier = “faq”
name = “faq”
title = “Frequently Asked Questions”
url = “faq”
weight = 2

In french, the “FAQ” menu links to /faq.
In english, the “FAQ” menu links to /en/faq.

Only _default layout list.html is set.
In french, the FAQ section link works and lists all the posts.
In english, the FAQ section links goes 404.

Question is: how to setup a layout list for english, while keeping default links behaviour with translation by files eg and ?


@mamisoa I don’t konw whether you have any content in content directory.
Maybe you need see this.

Thanks for the input.

The content does work.

It is the section or tag list that does not have a translation. Reading through the forum, it does not seem possible with a workaround.