Section/list urls and templates on multilingual sites


I’m creating a multilingual site and have a two parted questions for you guys:

  1. Is there any way to change the permalink of /post while still keeping the content in content/post? (I know it’s possible to change the permalink to single posts such as /post/ throught the config-file)

  2. The standard way to customize the /post-section would be to create the template layouts/section/post.html. But what should I do if I want to launch a french version of the site and want the link to /post to be /journal? Do I have to create a new template in layouts/section/journal.html?


1 - Yes, I believe this should do it:

  posts = "/:title/"
# This would mean a post at content/posts/ would
# actually live at when the site is built 

2 - To expand on #1

  posts = "/journal/:title"
# content/posts/ =>

As far as the template, regardless of where you point the permalinks, you would only need to create one layout file at layouts/posts/single.html (ie, assuming you are keeping your source structure the same).

Thanks @rdwatters, this works! It’s too bad Hugo doesn’t allow changing the permalink of listpages since both listpages for posts (in this case) can only be accessed by /en/posts/ or /fr/posts/ if one wants to use the same template. But what Hugo lacks in customization it makes up for in speed and simplicity.