Section sub page not working

Can anyone check out our git repo and tell why subpages of a section are not working?

There is content/projects/citygate which contains a file.
Which translates to
So far, so good.
Now i want have subpages of that ‘project’.
So we can have something like


  • kitchen/
  • kitchen/

nothing seems to generate some page.
I think I am missing something.

Any pointer would be appreciated.

Change content/projects/citygate/ to This changes it from a leaf to a branch bundle, and allows nesting of more bundles.

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great, but then it becomes a list and shows the content of list.html
i would need it to still be a single.html

Or maybe i can have the list detect it is on which level of that section it is and show different content/menu?

That’s what a section is. But you control what is shown. So in your list.html, or citygate/list.html, just show the .Content and don’t list anything. It being a list page means it has a default context, but it will still show all the front matter and content you add. :slight_smile:


allright. I did a small refactor.
list pages are now also pages.
And logic from within my list.html is migrated to shortcodes.

thanks all for your help