Site doesn't build subdirectories properly

I had a hard drive failure and reloaded my site via git clone - now it builds with Hugo, but it doesn’t serve any of my subdirectories. Ie. the home page works fine and any pages underneath that seem to be missing (though they are in the public folder).

If they “are in the public folder” does that mean there are index.html files or just folders for those? Maybe link your repo so we can check the setup.

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Repo there - one thing i realized im not sure if the subdirectories were actually properly or if they just existed from my git clone

Sorry as I’m troubleshooting im realizing that my title was no good. So the issue is that what is on github, when cloned to my desktop no longer builds fully nor does it serve. I tried by erasing the public folder, and rebuilding and it now creates the main page and folders for subpages but they only have an empty _index.html file in them

Some of your content files are empty. Taking this for example. You need at least frontmatter in the content files. If I add


to the beginning of that file it gets built.

Were you using an older version of Hugo previously?

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I was - I hadn’t updated in ~1.5 years I’m guessing? maybe 2? So… i just need to add that in the content. I will give that a go

that is the live site if it helps - it was last updated prior to my hard drive crashing and the git clone

THANK YOU BIG TIME - I was pulling my hair out!

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