Bundle page resources

I have a bundle page _index.md with a shortcode {{< gallery >}}
In this shortcode I call
{{- $resources := .Page.Resources.Match “images/*” -}}
This gives me an empty array (or do you call it a map in Go?)
Even {{- $resources := .Page.Resources -}} is empty.

The same shortcode called from a regular index.md worked. Same directory with the same images.

How can I get the resources from a bundle page?

I think it’s because your images live under images. Move them up one level.

From the docs, here’s why:

Where can the Resources live?

Only in the directory level of the branch bundle directory i.e. the directory containing the _index.md (ref).

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that indeed was the issue.
But this hurts. gone my clean folder structure :slight_smile:

Then make it into a “index.md” type bundle. We can go circular from here.

thats where I come from. See Section sub page not working
I need to have sub sections.