Why can't I access second level content folder files with my single.html template?

When I add


My single.html template renders the page. But when I add:

     - page-1/
                 - _index.md

In this case, Hugo renders my list template on /page-1/page-2/ URL.

I need my URL to be /page-1/page-2/ or sometimes even /page-1/page-2/page-3/.
How can I achieve it? How can I create single.html file for content that is in the 2nd or 3rd subfolder?

I tried creating layouts/page-1/page-2/single.html, but this doesn’t work for me, again list template is rendered.

Thank you for your help upfront!

Of course. _index.md triggers list, index.md triggers single. See the documentation for the difference between leaf and branch bundles.

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Thank you very much, I was struggling for hours

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